...azimuth-elevation mount modifications

...~1,000-lb az-el mount as received with azimuth drive motor removed (January 28, 2005).

...auxiliary components removed, mount cleaned up, and painted topside (January 28, 2005).

...mount positioned sideways to gain access to bottom of mount (February 3, 2005).

...standoff legs (3"x3"x4"L, 0.25" wall) and transition flanges (6"x6"x0.5" thick) to Rohn-80 tower legs ready to weld together. Rebar connecting rods are temporary to maintain flange orientation during welding to bottom of mount (Feb 5, 2005).

...standoff-flange weld detail. Rebar is temporary. (February 7, 2005).

...stand-off flange welded into place and painted, detail (February 8, 2005).

...all stand-offs for Rohn-80 transition are completed, bottom of mount (February 8, 2005).

...4" bore hydraulic ram mounted in position for elevation control (February 13, 2005).

...azimuth drive motor installed, 1/4 HP 90 VDC (February 13, 2005).