Scintillation effects for B0329+54

Consecutive measurements of 400 intervals averaged were made at 424 MHz using 384 KHz BW w/8.6m dish for about 2.5 hours to reveal the effect of scintillation on the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio during that period. Each data point below consists of 400 pulsar intervals (~0.715 mSec) for B0329+54. Accounting for RFI discrimination events, each 400 (acceptable) interval collection time resulted in about 5 minutes. The 400-interval averaged profiles for the best and worst S/N for the data points during the 2.5 hour period are shown below the graph to illustrate the wide variability in signal quality that occurs due to scintillation effects of the interstellar medium during consecutive 5-minute measurements.

400-interval folding (averaging) profile at Elapsed Time of 93 minutes above (S/N = 19):

400-interval folding (averaging) of profile at Elapsed Time of 115 minutes above (S/N = 5):