AT K5SO                                          

1. Real-time project progress reports for:  "project to build a ground-level AZ/EL mount for a 28' diameter Kennedy parabolic dish antenna"

Volume_I (25MB), Foreword,  Introduction, Initial Design Concepts, Modifications of the Original AZ  Mount, Site Preparations and Installation of the  Mount, AZ Mount Concrete Work, Circular Rail and Support Post Design, Proof of Principle Demonstration, Controlled Bending of a Rail Section, Fabricating Rail Support Plate, Fabricating Rail Support Posts, Center AZ  Mount Tilt Measurments

Volume_II (40MB), Rail Support Concrete Work, Rail Fabrication, Rail Coupling Fabrication, Rail Coupling Installation, Final Coupling Installation

Volume_III (32MB), Rotating Base Structure, Full Square Fabrication, Truncated Square Fabrication, Spoke Design, Fabrication, and Installation, Adjusting Wheels and Rails for Best Rail-Tracking Performance

Volume_IV (24 MB), Lift Tripod Design, Installation of a Utility Lifting Beam, Fabrication of a Lift Tripod, Anatomy of a High Strength Weld, Installing a Lift Tripod

Volume_V (36 MB), Assembling the Kennedy Dish, Installing Electric Winches for Elevation Motion, Fabricating Winch Mount Assemblies, Initial Test Lift of the Dish, Dish Pre-rotation Test Lift #2

Volume_VI (43 MB), Dish Back Frame Design, Back Frame to Trolley Coupling, Coupling Bearing Axel  Detail, Rotating Adapter Couplings - Completed, Dish Back Frame Final Design, Rotating the Dish, Installing Dish Back Frame, Estimating Angular Elevation Ranges

Volume_VII (18 MB), Exploring an Option For Elevation Angle Maintenance Mode, Repair/Refurbishment and Installation of Feed Horn Supports, Second Repair of the Support  Beam End, Adding a  Feed Horn, Conclusion

2. "Three step procedure to measure surface accuracy of parabolic dish antenna" by Joe Martin, 1 March 20122, Rev.


3. Real-time project progress reports for: "project to build an 8.4GHz radio telescope"







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