AT K5SO                                          

K5SO/W6SRI moonbounce communications with Apollo Astronaut Bill Anders, June 27, 2009 (3MB, 200 seconds)

The above audio file is the result of Ben Bailey W4SC using his SDR-IQ receiver as an IF stage at the amateur radio EME station of Joe Demaso K1RQG (32' dish antenna in Maine) to intercept and record a portion of the impromptu 23 cm EME transmissions between amateur radio EME station K5SO in New Mexcio and amateur radio EME station W6SRI in California via the moon during the Echoes of Apollo activities. ApolloAstronaut Bill Anders was connected to K5SO via telephone for the communcations link. The audio file was edited by K5SO to remove extraneous operator setup communication segments.

"Echoes of Apollo" Earth-Moon-Earth Communication